Mimica Mapper

Mapper is a market-leading tool that automatically assesses, prioritizes, and generates L5 documentation for automation opportunities in the enterprise.

A data-driven approach to process discovery.

Mapper is an automated process discovery solution. The tool sits on an employee's computer and continuously records their process for 2-3 weeks. Then our machine learning algorithms clean, analyze and merge the recordings into a single, elegant process map. These maps are used for RPA, time-and-motion studies, BPM and more.

Mimica's Vision

Automation Today

The state-of-the-art of software automation requires explicit programming by a developer. Tools that make this programming easier have gained popularity, but the paradigm is essentially the same: a human must program an automation step-by-step. This intricate, manual programming is time-consuming and error-prone, making automation prohibitively expensive for most of the world's businesses.

Mimica's Approach

Our machine learning algorithms learn to automate work by continuously observing clicks and keystrokes and identifying repetition within this dataset. Once we understand a process, we can generate code for the automation. This approach dramatically broadens automation potential within a business. With Mimica, all of the low-volume, bespoke tasks that never warranted attention suddenly become viable candidates for automation.

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