Success Rate

Mimica learns from production data, so bots handle all exceptions and variants the first time they go into production.

2x Annual
FTE Savings

Teams use Mimica to prioritize hundreds of processes, so they can focus on the highest ROI opportunities.


Bots built with Mimica spend significantly less time in development, testing, and maintenance.


The tool is installed onto employee computers, and continuously monitors the process for 2-3 weeks. Our machine learning algorithms clean, analyze and merge recorded actions into an accurate process map.


Mimica predicts automation potential for hundreds of processes with pinpoint accuracy, so teams can focus on the highest ROI opportunities.

Blueprints for Bots

Mimica’s process maps contain everything needed for a developer to build an automation, including screenshots, exceptions and decision logic.

Long-term vision

Mimica is building AI that learns to automate work as a baby learns to walk, by observing and mimicking the world around it.